Atlantic ATM
Atlantic ATM, LLC was founded in 1995 and now has over 21 years of industry experience. There are very few ATM companies in business today with this much experience.

The industry has changed a lot since we started out. There were fewer ATM models to choose from and they were a lot more expensive back then. The past few years has seen a lot of inexpensive low end ATM’s introduced. While these are fine for low volume locations, they are not good for all locations.

Atlantic ATM prides itself on helping businesses get the ATM that is right for their individual location. Not just based on price, but also functionality, appearance, ease of use and more.
Atlantic ATM at Rochester Fair
ATM companies come and go, especially since triple des and EMV mandates. Anybody will sell you an ATM for a really low price, but good luck getting service. Remember when you purchase an ATM your money it is not just tied up in the cost of the equipment but it is also being dispensed from said ATM. Low price is great, but not having to worry is better.

Atlantic ATM has been in business for 21 years and plans on being here a lot longer. We look forward to continuing existing and establishing new long term mutually profitable relationships.

Atlantic ATM in the News

Just two of the many services we provide include Service & Repair, and Special Event ATM Placement. Some of our excellent service was captured by a local reporter covering 2013’s Rochester Fair.