Atlantic ATM

Triple DES & ATM Upgrades

Atlantic ATM has upgrade kits for the Triton 9500, Triton 9600, Tidel TD/SC, Tidel IS1000, Tidel IS2000, Cross/Tranax Minibank 1000, Greenlink T1000, Greenlink Merlin, and most point-of-sale terminal based ATMs. These triple-DES conversion kits can be installed by one of our trained technicians.


If you decide that upgrading your existing ATM is not cost-justified, consider a replacement. Atlantic ATM offers refurbished machines that are triple-DES compliant and PCI certified. We also have a trade-in program.
Triple DES & Upgrades

all us at 1-877-472-2447 or fill out our Information Request Form for more information on ATM Upgrades.