Atlantic ATm


Atlantic ATM, LLC has been the New England leader in retail ATM Machines since 1995. We offer a very unique and focused advertising opportunity. Advertising is most effective when it reaches the consumer when they are the most receptive; which is when they are already in the store. This is why we have installed the latest revolution in marketing today: “Digital Signs” on top of our existing ATM network.


Digital Signs the next generation in marketing and brand-building, allowing advertisers to reach a captive, mass-market audience with focused, directed, and customized messages in an engaging way, resulting in increased product sales. Advertisers can use ATM TV to tie in with existing branding and marketing to enhance corporate brands and ultimately increase revenues.

Our network includes convenience stores, grocery stores, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, tourist sites, and more. Reaching millions of consumers monthly.

Go beyond the reach of traditional media with our innovative marketing tool ATM TV by calling today 1-877-472-2447 or fill out our Information Request Form.