All current and new customers of Atlantic ATM, must fill out and submit the Visa/MC Network Operator Agreement.

Visa/Plus have made changes intended to minimize risks for non-financial institution ATMs. The new rules require all ATM owners and operators processing ATM transactions to register with their respective sponsor bank.

Plus’ definition of an ATM Operator: A non-member entity who displays the Plus symbol and is authorized by a Member or its Agent to originate a Plus transaction through the connection of an ATM to the Plus system.

All ATM operators are required to submit the Merchant Participation Agreement and Application to Atlantic ATM as part of any Atlantic ATM ATM Program.

By October 31, 2006, all existing ATM operators must have completed a Merchant Application and Merchant Participation Agreement and these documents must be in Atlantic ATM possession by this date.

Penalty for non-compliance: Plus has implemented penalties ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 for ATM Operators not submitting the necessary paperwork to their sponsoring institution prior to the mandated November 1, 2006 date. Failure to submit the appropriate paperwork may also result in termination of both bank sponsorship and processing services to the Plus network for any and all applicable ATMs.

Plus Rules also require that Surcharge, Sponsorship Decals, and Network Logo Decals be affixed to each ATM that is connected to the Plus Network. Plus requires that the surcharge and sponsorship decals be in the name of the sponsor bank’s authorized Member Service Provider, which in this case, is Atlantic ATM, LLC.

Why do we need this information? See US Patriot ACT Final Rule Section 326. In short, because Atlantic ATM, LLC. is sponsored by a financial institution, we are required to get this data from you. Like sales tax, we just collect it.
Read all 106 pages of the USA Patriot ACT  
Use the file below to open a copy of the Visa/Plus ATM Operator Agreement. Print the file, then fill in sections A, B, & F. You can e-mail a scanned form completed with signatures to or if you prefer you may mail or fax a completed copy to:

Atlantic ATM, LLC
PO Box 126
Topsfield, MA 01983
Fax: 978-356-6147
VISA Plus ATM Operator Agreement