Small really is beautiful.

Offering a surprisingly high specification for such a cost-effective ATM, the small but perfectly formed Easypoint 3010 couldn’t be easier to install and service. With its remarkably small footprint, the Easypoint 3010 will fit just about anywhere, enabling even the smallest of retail outlets to offer their customers an automated cash dispensing facility. An in-store Easypoint 3010 ATM can help you increase profits and build stronger relationships with your customers. It’s all about convenience.Easypoint 3010 | Atlantic ATM

Look at the facts:

  • Up to 40% of the cash dispensed from in-store ATMs is spent in store
  • ATM users spend as much as 25% more than non-ATM users
  • 52% of customers who go elsewhere to use an ATM never return to the store

But perhaps the real beauty of the Easypoint 3010 is that it’s compliant with the latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards. Boasting all the security enhancements of a PCI certified Encrypting PIN pad (EPP), the Easypoint 3010 may be small, but it punches well above its weight in the security stakes.

Overall, it’s a great little performer!