Affordable with Traditional Bank ATM Design · Quality Components and Simple Service Procedures
Business-Hour Cabinet or 24-Hour Safe · Traditional Bank Locations
Less Floor Space in Retail Locations · Rear Replenishment W/ Rear Display & Keyboard

GTI Inc. introduces its newest ATM series, the GTI TTW-2000. This Thru-The-Wall ATM offers the simplicity and low cost-of-ownership the market place has come to expect with freestanding cash dispensing ATMs. Now with less retail floor space required and increased security, the GTI TTW-2000 offers this combination at a very affordable price and with the appearance of the traditional bank ATM units.

Our Thru-The-Wall series of ATMs utilizes quality industry standard components and an easy to service module design for simple maintenance procedures.Atlantic ATM

Standard Features:

  • Exterior / Interior
  • Business-Hour Cabinet or 24-Hour Safe
  • High Brightness Color Display
  • Rear Display/Replenishment Kb
  • Thermal Graphic Printer
  • Dip Style Card Reader – Weatherized
  • DLR 2000 Bill Dispenser
  • Electronic Lock
  • Illuminated Panel
  • GLINK Remote Management
  • E-Z Couponing

12 Month Parts Warranty

Optional Features

  • CDPD/CDMA Wireless
  • TCP/IP Connect

Smart Card Acceptance

  • Height: 29”
  • Width: 24”
  • Depth: 29”
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Weight (Level 1): 750 lbs.

Simple to install – Simple to operate – Simple to maintain – Simple to use – Simply Affordable

Simplistic design makes the GTI ATM Family affordable to purchase, easy to maintain, and very simple to operate. The TTW-2000 utilizes seven different module components for ease of repair should there be a need to do so.

High brightness color display for easy viewing and advertising opportunities w/ expanded temperature operating range

Rear Screen Display and Keyboard does not required access to front of machine to settle or replenish

De La Rue Dispenser known throughout the industry as the “workhorse” dispenser for ATMs – 2000 bill capacity

Quiet 40 column thermal graphic printer allows for various print requirements, such as coupons and value receipts

2,040 Transaction Electronic Journal

Weatherized dip-style card reader for constant control and visibility of customer’s ATM card

Easy upgrade to accommodate Smart Card or value stored card functions

Wall Opening:

  • 22.25” Wide
  • 27.00” High


  • Power: 120/220 V