Triton RL5000 | Atlantic ATmTriton’s embedded PC-based RL5000 has changed the way people think about ATMs. This model offers a stunning 10.4 inch LCD display and a long list of value-added transactions – all at a much lower price-point than other PC-based machines.

This model’s popularity is due, in part, to the innovation made possible by an advanced, embedded PC platform that enables a new level of high-performance and hassle-free operation. It is also becoming a preferred model because of a large capacity for storing journal records, and the ease of downloading graphics for enhanced marketing efforts.

In addition to its low price, the Triton RL5000 also offers an extremely low cost of operation. The wide range of dispensers available offers customers the ability to choose the capacity that most-closely matches their usage, and—like all Triton technology—it’s extremely easy to service. Plus, the Triton RL5000 has all the standards you’re looking for in a new ATM: TCP/IP communication, ADA compliance, an Encrypting PIN pad (EPP), Triple DES compliance, and a surprisingly small footprint.

There’s not another embedded PC ATM on the market that offers the level of performance and cost-competitiveness delivered by the Triton RL5000. The future of ATMs is here.


  • 10.4” (264 mm) VGA color display with 640 x 480 resolution
  • One to four cassettes
  • 80 mm thermal printer with presenter
  • 2 MB journal storage (32,768 records)
  • Dip-style card reader; optional dip EMV smart card reader, EMV motorized card reader (Track 1,2,3).
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Audio compliant
  • Encrypting PIN pad (EPP) to comply with all international encryption standards.
  • UL 291 Business Hours cabinet or optional UL 291 Level 1 safe
  • Electronic lock or optional Kaba Mas Cencon lock
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Dial-up 56k baud internationally certified modem and TCP/IP communications; optional wireless
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 16.9” (429 mm)
    • Depth: 25.6” (650 mm)
    • Height: 54.3” (1390 mm) without topper
    • Height: 64.9” (1648 mm) with low topper
    • Height: 77.8” (1976 mm) with high topper
    • Weight: 172 lbs (78 kg) weight varies with options
  • Advertising potential:
    • Decals and signage
    • Couponing
    • Display graphics

  • RISC microprocessor
  • Microsoft Windows® CE 5.0
  • 128 MB flash memory, expandable
  • 128 MB RAM]
  • 2 MB journal storage (32,768 records)
  • Six USB master ports
  • One compact FLASH socket
  • Five serial ports


  • Temperature: 10° – 40° C / 50° – 104°F
  • Relative Humidity: 20 – 80% non-condensing
  • Power Consumption:
  • 2.0 A at 115 VAC at 60 Hz
  • 1.0 A at 230 VAC at 50 Hz