The below models have been discontinued but are occasionally available on a refurbished basis. Call us at 1-877-472-2447 for current availability or click here to request the current inventory.

Greenlink T1000

Probably one of the best buys on the market. If you don’t want frills and thrills – just a trouble free, low maintenance ATM that will sit and dispense money for years to come – you can’t beat the Greenlink T1000. This ATM is very similar to the original Triton Model 9500.Greenlink T1000

Standard features include: ·backlit LCD screen ·track 2 card reader ·thermal printer ·electronic journal ·front service SDD 1700 ·2000 single denomination bill capacity ·mechanically locked cassette ·tumbler safe lock.

Optional features: ·electronic lock ticket coupon dispenser ·bill validator ·card dispenser ·multi-cassettes.

The T-1000 has successfully accommodated the needs of retail locations throughout Canada and the United States. Its a low cost, highly dependable, durable and extremely user friendly ATM.

Greenlink Merlin 1 2 3

Greenlink Merlin | Atlantic ATM
The Merlin Family offers two models to fulfill your ATM needs. The Greenlink Merlin I utilizes the De La Rue SDD 1700 Dispenser with a 2000 bill capacity, and the Greenlink Merlin II utilizes the De La Rue MiniMech Dispenser with a 1000 bill capacity and a more friendly loading procedure. Beyond the dispenser offering, the Greenlink Merlin I and Greenlink Merlin II are similar in design, components, and operation. The Merlin Family incorporates many industry-accepted components, such as the De La Rue Dispenser, known throughout the industry as the “workhorse” for retail ATMs. The bright color display for easy viewing and advertising opportunities, the quiet operating thermal graphic printer, the dip style card reader for constant control and visibility of customer’s ATM card, the 2040 transaction EJ, and communication options make the Merlin ATM Family the perfect ATM for indoor retail and bank lobby applications.

Through The Wall ATM

Greenlink ATM | Atlantic ATM
This Thru-The-Wall ATM offers the simplicity and low cost-of-ownership the market place has come to expect with freestanding cash dispensing ATMs. Now with less retail floor space required and increased security, the GTI TTW-1000 offers this combination at a very affordable price and with the appearance of the traditional bank ATM units.

Our Thru-The-Wall series of ATMs utilizes quality industry standard components and an easy to service module design for simple maintenance procedures.

Greenlink C-3000

Greenlink C3000 | Atlantic ATM
All of the components of the Greenlink U-1000 in a smaller cabinet. This unit can be taken off the stand and mounted on a counter top. Probably the best value in a full service ATM on the market today.